Team Building Camp 2015 - an unforgettable journey

Last weekend, on 21st and 22nd March, members from SPE Student Chapters: PetroVietnam University (PVU), HCM City University of Science (HCMUS), HCM City University of Technology (HCMUT) had a chance...

Last weekend, on 21st and 22nd March, members from SPE Student Chapters: PetroVietnam University (PVU), HCM City University of Science (HCMUS), HCM City University of Technology (HCMUT) had a chance to join in a teambuilding event. It's also the first time, three SPE Student Chapters cooperated to organize such an amazing event.

At 8:30 am, team PVU presented at Minh Dam Historic Relic, waiting for our guests who were moving from HCM city. We went out our bus, blend in with the beautiful landscape on Minh Dam mountain and enlisted time to set up camp and the stage for the evening show, especially we did not forget to take lots of pictures of our team with our super cool uniform.


Finally, at 10:10 am, HCMUS and HUT teams arrived at Minh Dam. Three teams shook hands with each other, starting our unforgettable 2-day-1-night journey. All 80 of us couldn't wait to have fun and get to know each other.


After that, we visited and burned incense at Minh Dam temple to show our gratefulness to Vietnam War heroes and revolutionary martyr that sacrificed their lives for Dat Do Province. Then, youth people challenged strong sunshine and the heat of a particular summer day, at 11 am, we climbed to the top of Minh Dam Mountain where Vietnam national flag was set up. The more exhausting we were climbing to the top, the happier we felt when we conquered the mountain. It was a wonderful view with the mountain and the hill goes up and down, right next to the beautiful beach. We stood there and our hearts just melted in this incredible moment.


Until 12:30, we had lunch, and took a rest after our journey to the top, we chatted, get acquainted with each other. Boys were talking to girls, some even formed groups and played games together.

Afternoon was the time we spent for teamwork. We divided our company into four small groups to play a game which required all members had to overcome trials together at 5 stations in order to win. This game forced each group being solidarity, cooperating to pass stations, each members forgot themselves for the goal of group. At the end of the game, some groups won, some groups lost, but all of us learned a lesson, a lesson of friendship, partnership and team working.



"Joining in this event has given me really cool time, when we- three Student Chapters played together, do things together, I feel like we are a family. About PVU, I am pretty impressive by your friendliness, your active and your professional preparation for our camp" said Tuan Le Cong, President of SPE HCMUT Student Chapter.

Sunset was a funny time when 80 people competed to take a shower in only 2 "tiny" bathrooms, PVU logistic team (led by PVU wonderful cooks Ms. Thuy and Mr. Huyen Anh) grilled fishes, pork, and lobsters etc. for dinner. It was a mixture of noise between guys fought to have showers first or the burning fish and pork, everyone was too busy to see what a funny moment that was.


Then, everyone gathered to have a warm and delicious dinner. There were plenty of laughter when we shared stories about funny moments during the game we played.

Night time was party time.  Students from three SPE Student Chapter performed their talent in turn. There were songs from pretty girls and handsome boys from all the Chapters, there were also beat boxing, modern dancing and lots of games.


As the show ended, everyone was hand in hand, connected into a circle surrounding the camp-fire. At that moment, we forgot all the little details. It was not gender, background, or major that matters, that moment was about forgetting yourself to become something bigger, all of us just wanted one thing: we wanted to shout, play and dance the night away with each other. We were no longer 80 individuals but one big soul which was craving to be free.


Sun rise on Sunday morning, after a joyful night, we moved to Kawasami Resort. We enjoyed the fresh air on the beach, the hot sand under our feet and release our stress with the wind. This is our last morning together and we knew we would have to make the most of it, so we played a lot of games e.g. tug of war, sack racing.


At the end, we ate lunch together, shared our contacts, phone numbers, and Facebook to others. Then, we had to say goodbye. We knew that every joy moment will end, but friendship will remain forever.

PVUers will never forget you- friends- HCMUSers, HCMUTers.

"With me, the camp is special. Everyone joined in enthusiastically. I can feel the youth in young people"- Nam Van Nguyen- a member of PVU Student Chapter.