Huynh Thanh Tung

huynh thanh tung

Name: Huynh Thanh Tung
Company: Well Test Knowledge International (WTKI)
Rank: Lecturer
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Telephone: (+8254) 
Fax: (254) 
Research Interests
Address: Petrovietnam University, 762 Cach Mang Thang Tam street, Long Toan Ward, Ba Ria City, Vietnam.



Degree Field Institution Year
M.Sc. Petroleum National University Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam -University of Technology 2012
B.Sc. Petroleum National University Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam -University of Technology 2007


Experiences (Academic)

Institution Designation Year/Period FT/PT
Petrovietnam University Lecturer 2015- Present PT


Experiences (non-Academic)

Institution Designation Year/Period FT/PT
Schlumberger Vietnam Services Reservoir Engineer 2008- Present FT



Name Country Membership Year/Period
Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Vietnam Member   


Honors and Awards

Name Details Year
Recognition Award from KNOC in Vietnam for production enhancement campaigns with the total of 24 advance production logging jobs in horizontal and deviated wells KNOC  
Appreciation letter from Petronas Carigali Muriah Ltd. in Indonesia for the key objective’s achievement of identification reservoir fluids in reduced permeability low resistivity low contract formation Petronas  
Appreciation letter from Viet Gazprom for Deepwater project VietGazprom  


Service Activities

No. Information
1 Deep Blue 1: Reservoir & Production, Abu Dhabi, UAE, 2009 Fundamental of PVT, MDT, PLT, perforating, pressure transient analysis, single well simulation, material balance, performance analysis, nodal analysis…
2 Deep Blue 2: Reservoir & Production, Houston, Texas, US, 2010
3 MDT analysis, downhole fluid analysis, well test interpretation and PVTi simulation
4 Deep Blue 3: Reservoir Engineering, Abu Dhabi, UAE, 2012
5 Fracture reservoir, Deconvolution method in welltesting, Multiwell testing
6 Simulation, Design and Interpretation on Formation pressure while drilling, Interval Pressure
7 Transient Testing, (MDT Dual Packer/ Vertical Interference Tests)
8 Single well Prediction Model (SWPM software) and Modeling using Eclipse
9 DCS Stetho Scope Interpretation: Abu Dhabi, UAE, 2012
10 The formation pressure while drilling operations, Pretests theories & interpretations, processing workflow & answer products
11 QHSE 2 for supervisor, Apr – 2012
12 OFS3 – Leading and Management skills
13 Eclipse Black Oil Simulation, Malaysia, Nov-2015
14 Flow Assurance using Olga, 3 days, Ho Chi Minh city, Jan-2016.


Conferences & Journals

no. Information
1 Tung Huynh Thanh, Cholid Mas, Soraya Betancourt & Viet Le Huy. Defining vertical compartment using excess pressure & LFA coloration" with in Schlumberger Reservoir Symposium 2009.
2 Tung Huynh Thanh, Ihsan Gok “Production Logging Experience for Production Enhancement Campaign of KNOC” in Schlumberger Reservoir Symposium 2013.
3 Ihsan Gok, Tung Huynh Thanh, Pascal Milot, Viet Le Huy, Dung Doan Thi My “Identifying and Assessing Productivity in CO2 Bearing Gas Zones Using Wireline Logging and Testing Data” with for Schlumber Reservoir Symposium 2014.
4 Tung Huynh Thanh, Scott Fey, Viet Le Huy “StethoScope Successfully used in HPHT Environment for Dual Application: Reduce Drilling Risk and Identify Formation Fluids” in Schlumberger Reservoir Symposium 2014
5 Tung Huynh Thanh, Ihsan Gok, Viet Le Huy “The Effectiveness of Focused Sampling in Miscible Invasion Cases” in Schlumberger Reservoir Symposium 2014.
6 IPTC-18228-MS. Overcoming Differences between Log and Test Results: A Case-Study of an Appraisal Well Drilled into Low Contrast Low Resistivity Carbonate Reservoir” Yevgeniy. Karpekin, Saifon Daungkaew, Krishna Pokhriyal, Bambang Herianto, Tanabordee Duangprasert, Tung Huynh Thanh, Rasheed Rahman - Schlumberger, Erik Yogapurana, Wahyudin Bahri Nasifi, Nur Faradilla Bt M Razman, M Imran B M Fadhil – PETRONAS Carigali.
7 OTC 26609, “Accurate Production Logging in Deviated Gas-Liquid Producer Wells” Ihsan M. Gok, Tung Huynh Thanh, Tanawut Khunaworawet, Parijat Mukerji, Schlumberger, Young Sig Kim, Jongyong Lee, Dongsu Sun, Phan Van An, Korea National Oil Corporation

Professional Development Activities

no. Information
1 Short term assignment, Thailand, 2010
2 Short term assignment, Kuwait, Sep 2011
3 Short term assignment, Indonesia, Feb 2012; Jan 2013; Aug 2014