Chemical Engineering Labs

The Program operates 7 teaching laboratories:

  1. Analytical Chemistry Laboratory
  2. Physical Chemistry Laboratory
  3. Organic Chemistry Laboratory
  4. Processes and Apparatus of Chemical Technology Laboratory
  5. Petroleum Analysis Laboratory 1
  6. Petroleum Analysis Laboratory 2
  7. General Chemistry Laboratory

All Chemical Engineering labs are mainly used for teaching undergraduate CE courses. The experiments in these laboratories are designed to illustrate to the students fundamental phenomena and to allow them to verify experimentally the basic ideas developed in the various courses of the curriculum. The majority of experiments are included within the main laboratory courses PPR12120LAB, PPR12119LAB, PPR12101LAB, PPR13337LAB, PPR13138LAB, PPR14311 PPR12102LAB.

A faculty member is assigned to every laboratory as a coordinator. He is responsible for the good performance of the laboratory and also specifies its needs in terms of equipment and maintenance.

PVU also has 5 fundamental engineering-shared laboratories and 2 engineering-shared laboratories with Petrovietnam Manpower Training College, respectively:

  1. General Physical Laboratory
  2. Materials and Mechanical Laboratory
  3. Electricity-Electronic Laboratory
  4. Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
  5. Petroleum Refining Simulator
  6. Process Control Laboratory

The CE teaching laboratories have appropriate equipment and useful software for the CE Program. All equipment and instruments available in the laboratories are in a very good state of working condition. Safety equipment is inspected and up to date.