Introduction to Chemical Engineering

The Chemical Engineering program with concentration of Refining & Petrochemicals is designed to serve the requirement of Vietnam’s Oil and Gas industry and also worldwide. The curriculum of Chemical Engineering program is a balanced combination of the theoretical and practical aspects of Chemical Engineering with enough flexibility to allow integration of the ever-developing state-of-the art technology and the changing needs of the region. Chemical Engineering program provides a foundation for the professional development of its students. The graduates of the program should be able to work as chemical engineers for oil and gas companies, service companies and for research institutes as research engineers, or to pursue their graduate studies. The faculty of the Chemical Engineering program is committed to produce students who possess the following competencies:

  • A mastery of key academic areas: mathematics, science, and technology
  • The ability to analyze, evaluate, synthesize, and resolve technical issues
  • A creative capability, defined as the capacity to design or make a component, process, or system to meet complex requirements in practice
  • The ability to use technology and modern tools necessary for professional work proficiency in English
  • The ability to communicate, to work effectively in groups with respect for the expertise of colleagues and for cultural diversity
  • The ability to pursue self-study to improve knowledge and raise professional performance levels
  • An understanding of social responsibility and professional ethics