Petrovietnam organized a course entitled "Advanced Technologies for Increasing Efficiency of Oil and Gas Fields Development", taught by experts from Azerbaijan.

From April 8 to April 19, 2024, the course took place at Petrovietnam University (PVU) in Ba Ria City, Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province, Vietnam.

Professor Arif Suleymanov from Department of Oil and Gas Engineering, Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (ASOIU), Associate Professor Haji Malikov from ASOIU's SRI Geotechnological Problems of Oil, Gas, and Chemistry and Dr. Turan Ibrahimov were in charge of this course.  As the assistant instructor of the course, Dr. Le Viet Hai-former Deputy Director General of VSP also brought to the course his insights and practical production experiences in Vietnam. In addition, thirty participants from various PVN’s departments and subsidiaries (Exploration Division, VSP, PVEP, PQPOC, HLHV JOC, VPI, PVChem-Tech, DMC, PVU) attended the course.

On April 8 2024, at the opening ceremony, Ms. Nguyen Thi My Hanh, Deputy Manager of Trainning Department – PVN’s Human Resources Divisionstated that in the context of declining production of oil and gas , one of the Departments’ crucial tasks assigned by PVN leaders is training and developing high-quality human resources through specialized courses. The Group desires that the trainees master new knowledge and technologies so they can apply them in their work, thereby enhancing the efficiency of production and business, and achieving the goals set by the corporation. On behalf of the Azerbaijani experts, Associate Professor Haji Malikov expressed their thanks to Petrovietnam for supporting long-term and effective cooperation between the Group and Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University, particularly many technical exchange and specialized training programs organized in both Vietnam and Azerbaijan. He stated that Azerbaijan is one of the earliest oil-producing countries in the world. It has a large potential in oil and gas and a long history with rich experience in extracting and producing crude oil, petroleum products, and petrochemicals... ASOIU is a renowned petroleum training institution in Europe with a history of over 100 years, training engineers in exploration and production, with many Vietnamese alumni, many of whom have become leaders of PVN and its subsidiaries.

During the two-week course, the trainees actively discussed various topics with the instructors, including: (1) Fundamentals of Reservoir Simulation; (2) Liberation and expansion of solution gas; (3) Reservoir simulation; (4) Waterflooding; (5) Horizontal well technologies; (6) Transient Well Testing; (7) Maximizing Value of Gas Tracer Surveillance via Simulation; (8) Uncertainty analysis for the Azeri field using traditional and new techniques; (9) Sand Control; (10) Fractal Analysis; (11) Gaslift; (12) DTS; (13) Waterflooding Efficiency Monitoring; (14) Decline Curves Analysis; (15) EOR Nano.

The course was highly rated by participants for its content, teaching methods, and organization. As the course organizer, Advanced Training Center (ATC) of Petrovietnam University,  along with the instructors, awarded certificates of completion to all participants at the graduation ceremony in the afternoon of April 19, 2024.

Petrovietnam is focusing on implementing various synchronized solutions to enhance oil and gas production, increase reserves, and develop mines for early exploitation to compensate for shortfall in production caused by the natural decline of primary fields after years of exploitation while the potential for increased production is progressively diminising , with limited opportunities for new investment projects. This course provided additional information, knowledge, and experience for PVN’s staff and its subsidiaries in the E&P sector to apply solution to practical problems at their unit.

On July 23, 1959, a milestone in the history of Vietnam-Azerbaijan relations took place  when President Ho Chi Minh visited the oil fields in Baku, the Republic of Azerbaijan. It was there that President Ho Chi Minh talked to the leaders and oil engineers of Azerbaijan that he strongly believed Vietnam surely had oil in its sea. However, due to the war, Vietnam hadn't been able to exploit it. He also expressed his hope that after Vietnam achieved victory in its resistance war, Azerbaijan would help Vietnam discover, extract and refine oil, and build an oil industry zone like the ones in Baku.

News and photos: ATC/PVU

Some photos of the course


Instructors from Azerbaijan, Dr. Le Viet Hai (assistant instructor), and the Course Organizing Committee


Mrs. Nguyen Thi My Hanh, Deputy Manager of Trainning Department – PVN’s Human Resources Division, giving the opening speech for the course.


Mr. Chau Khieu Minh, Director of the Advanced Training Center (ATC),  Petrovietnam University, introducing  the course regulations.


Experts from Azerbaijan discussing specialized topics


Awarding certificates of completion at the graduation ceremony


Azerbaijani experts, Dr. Le Viet Hai, Dr. Phan Minh Quoc Binh (Rector of PVU)  taking commemorative photos.