Nguyen Quoc Hai

nguyen quoc hai

Institute: Ton Duc Thang University
Department: CE
Rank: Adjuct Faculty
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Telephone: 0917938024




Degree Field Institution Year
Ph. D Chemical Engineering Gachon University, Korean 2019
M.Eng Chemical technology processes and Equipment Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Vietnam 2012
B. Eng Chemical technology processes and Equipment Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Vietnam 2010


Rank Month-Year
Lecturer 2019 - Present

Experience (Academic)

Institution Rank, Title Year/Period FT/PT
Ton Duc Thang University Lecturer 2019 - Present FT
Ba Ria – Vung Tau University Lecturer 03/2019 - 07/2019 FT
Gachon University Ph.D. Candidates 03/2016 - 02/2019 FT
Ba Ria – Vung Tau University Lecturer 02/2012 – 02/2016 FT
Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology M.E. Candidates 02/2010 – 01/2012 FT


Name Journal Year
Investigation On Capacity for Fuels Gas Production from Peat by Catalytic-pyrolysis Method Based on Crude Bentonite in Binh Thuan Province, Joumal of Chemistry Journal of Chemistry, Vol 49 (5AB), P.439 - 444, 2011 2011
Investigation on capacity for bio-oil from biomass by pyrolysis method Tập San Khoa Học-ĐH Bà Rịa Vũng Tàu 2013
Transition metal dichalcogenide- carbon nanocomposites and method for manufacturing the same Korean Patent 2019
High-performance MoS2-bascd Nanocomposite Anode Prepared by High Energy Mechanical Mining: The Effect of Carbonaceous Matrix on MoS2 Electrochimica Acta 2018
Comparative Study on the Mechanically Milled MoS2 and MoSe2 in Graphite Malrix as node Materials for High- períonnance  Lithium-ion Batteries Joumal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 2018
Sb2Te3-TiC-C nanocompositcs for the high-perfonnance anode in lithium-ion batterics Electrochimica Acta 2018
Core-shell Si@c-PAN particles deposited on graphite as promising anode for litliỉum-ỉon batteries Electrochimica Acta 2019
M0S2-TiC-C Nanocomposite as new anode materỉals for High- Performance  Lithium-ion batteries loumal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 2019
Facile and scalable preparation of a M0S2/CNT nanocomposite anode for high-performance Lithium-ion Batteries: Effects of carbon nanotube content Journal of Nanoscicnce and Nanotechnology 2019
Mechanochemical synthesis of InP nanopartỉcles embeddcd in hybrid conductive matrix for high-pcrfomiance lithium-ion batterỉes Chemical Engineering Joumal 2020
Carbon-free Cu/SbxOy/Sb nanocomposites with yolk-shell and hollow structures as high - performance anodes for lithium- ion storage Joumal of Alloys and Compounds 2021
Fabricating iron-tin-oxide nanocomposite electrodes for sodium - ion batteries Ceramics International 2022