Ø Showroom of Drilling and Production Facilities

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Drilling rigs

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Drill ship


- Lecturer: PhD. Nguyen Van Hung; MSc. Nguyen Huu Truong; MSc. Luong Hai Linh

- List of facilities:

  • Drillstring
  • Casing, Tubing
  • Wellhead Equipments
  • Bottomhole Equipments and Packers
  • Electrical submersible pumps (ESPs)
  • Gaslift system
  • Drilling rig models
  • Production and Process models
  • Cores and Oil samples

Description: The lab describes visually the equipment, facilities and the process, serving the subjects "Drilling engineering", "Production engineering".


Ø Drilling, Drilling fluid and Cement laboratory


do do dac quanh may khuay


- Lecturers: PhD. Nguyen Van Hung; MSc. Nguyen Huu Truong

- List of facilities:

  • 140 Mud balance
  • Fann Viscometer Marsh
  • pH meter
  • Velocity meter
  • Series 300 LPLT Filter Press
  • High-Pressure, High-Temperature Filter Press
  • Model 88C Resistivity Meter
  • Electrical Stability Tester, EST Model 23E
  • Sand Content Kit
  • 50ml Oil and Water Retort
  • Atmospheric Consistometer Model 165AT

- Description: subject "Drilling fluid and cement" includes the following experiments:

  • Determine density, viscosity, pH of drilling solution
  • Drilling fluid rheology test: viscosity, adhesion strength and yield limit
  • Experiment on wall forming properties, resistivity and drilling fluid filtration
  • Experiment on solid, liquid composition and drilling fluid emulsion properties
  • Practice oil well cementation.


Ø Reservoir engineering laboratory

kinh hien vi dien tu quet

SEM - Tescan

thiet bi do do rong ke helium




- Lecturers: MSc. Nguyen Viet Khoi Nguyen; MSc. Pham Huu Tai

- List of facilities:

  • POROPERM System
  • Advanced electrical resistivity meter
  • Calcimeter
  • VISCOpro 2000
  • Rock compressor system
  • Universal Rock Testing Device
  • Dataphysics

- Description: subjects ”Formation Evaluation” and “Reservoir engineering” include the following experimetns:

  • Determine effective porosity and absolute permeability by POROPERM system
  • Determine wettability
  • Determine the electrical conductivity of the rock
  • Determination of calcium content in rock
  • Determine viscosity of fluid
  • Determine rock compressibility