4. PVU - Schlumberger Center

The PVU-Schlumberger Center, sponsored by Schlumberger (SLB), provides an array of software packages, including Petrel Eclipse, Production, and Techlog. Petrel supports students in constructing geological models, while Eclipse facilitates reservoir simulation, production history matching, forecast analysis, and decline analysis. Additionally, the Production package aids students in simulating liquids, analyzing NODALS for single wells and networks, and conducting production forecast and history matching.


Link: http://www.pvu.edu.vn/en/departments/petroleum-faculty/petroleum-engineering/labs/pe-labs/4-pvu-schlumberger-office

Location: 5th floor, PVU

Program: PE, GE

Purpose: PET14123 Senior Project 2 (1cr), PET14825 Graduation thesis (8cr), PET14318 Reservoir Simulation (3cr)


List of donated software:

-          Petrel

-          Eclipse

-          Pipesim

-          Techlog

-          Intersect

-      OFM

-      Symmetry

Device: 21 desktops

1 for Lecturer

CPU Intel Xeon Silver 4310


Hard disk: 1 TB (DELL PERC H775)

  20 for Students

  - 16 computers:

   CPU Intel Core i5-4460 3.2 GHz

   RAM 8.0 GB – 16.0 GB

   Hard disk: 500GB SSD

 - 4 computers:

   CPU Intel Pentium G2030 3.0 Ghz

     RAM 10.0 GB

   Hard disk: 500GB SSD

Function: Running Slb’s software suites

Petroleum Engineering


Formal name Max Capacity Assignable Area (m2)
PVU-Schlumberger 20 63


View from the corner

View from the front of class

View from the end of class