Domestic cooperation

1. Partners with the content of cooperation agreements are enhancing and developing each other's resources

Purpose and meaning 

  • Promoting the role and advantage of each party for constant improvement of the quality of training, scientific research and advanced training carried out by PVU; PVU cooperates with Partner in training undergraduate, graduate level and advanced courses in order to meet the demand of high-quality human resource employed in the line of manufacturing and business of Partner;
  • Effectively using facilities of Partner for training, scientific research and advanced courses of PVU based on specific contracts;
  • Creating premise to socializing the undergraduate education at PVU; 
  • Creating premise for educational socialization of PVU.

Scope of cooperation

  • Partner allows his specialists to teach at PVU; 
  • Partner allows students of PVU to take internship courses at facilities of Partner; 
  • Coordination between Partner and PVU in scientific research;
  • Based on the demand of developing human resource of Partner, PVU is ready to train Partner’s staffs of at different levels;
  • Partner allows specialists to join the Industrial Advisory Board with the function of consulting, evaluating and improving the quality of PVU's training programs;
  • Partner sponsors “PVU Students Development Funding”;
  • Based on the annual plan of training human resource of Partner, PVU is ready to organize regular advance training courses for Partner’s staffs.

List of Partners

No Company Company Abbreviation
1 Petrovietnam Technical Services Corporation PTSC
2 Petrovietnam Fertilizer and Chemicals Corporation PVFCCo
3 Binh Son Refining and Petrochemical Joint Stock Company BSR
4 Con Son Joint Operating Company Con Son JOC
5 Petrovietnam Chemical and Services Corporation PVChem
6 Joint Venture “Vietsovpetro” VSP
7 Petrovietnam Exploration Production Corporation PVEP
8 Lam Son Joint Operating Company Lam Son JOC
9 Thang Long Joint Operating Company Thang Long JOC
10 Petrovietnam Chemical and Services Joint Stock Corporation PVC
11 Petrovietnam General Services Joint Stock Corporation Petrosetco
12 Petrovietnam Power Real Estate Joint Stock Company PVPower
13 Hoang Long - Hoan Vu Joint Operating Company HLHV JOC
14 Truong Son Joint Operating Company Truong Sơn JOC
15 VRJ Petroleum Company VRJ
16 Petrovietnam Domestic Exploration Production Operating Company Limited PVEP POC
17 PVD Trading and Technical Services Joint Stock Company PVD
18 Petrovietnam Maintenance and Repair Corporation PVMR (PV Eic)
19 Petrovietnam Finance Corporation PVFC
20 Petrovietnam Insurance Corporation PVI
21 Cuu Long Joint Operating Company Cuu Long JOC
22 PVEP Overseas Company Limited PVEP Overseas
23 Petrovietnam Transportation Corporation PV Trans
24 Bien Dong Petroleum Operating Company Bien Dong POC
25 Petrovietnam Oil Corporation PV Oil

2. Partners with other contents of agreement

No Partner Company Abbreviation
1 Ocean Commercial One Member Limited Liability Bank Oceanbank
2 Vietnam Petroleum Association VPA
3 Petrovietnam Manpower Training College PVMTC
4 Vietnam Petroleum Institute VPI
5 Quang Nam Vocational College QVC
6 Ba Ria Vung Tau University BVU
7 iBOSSES Vietnam Joint Stock Company iBOSSES VN