Nguyễn Viết Khôi Nguyên


Name: Nguyen, Nguyen Viet Khoi
Rank: Master
Department: Petroleum Drilling and Production Department
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Telephone: (+84)938 160 488
Fax: (254) 3.733579
Research Interests: Oil and Gas Production, Enhanced oil Recovery, Multiphase Flow Pipelines and Wellbores, Flow Assurance, Reservoir Engineering.
Address: Petroleum Engineering Department, Petrovietnam University, 762 Cach Mang Thang Tam street, Long Toan Ward, Ba Ria City, Vietnam.



Degree Field Institution Year
M.Sc. Petroleum Engineering HCMC University of Technology 2013
B.Sc. Petroleum Engineering HCMC University of Technology 2010


Own Thesis

Title Type Institution Year
Production forecast and updating reservoir characteristics by production data analysis of X basin, CuuLong field M.Sc. HCMC University of Technology 2011-2013
Determining location of stabilizers for BHA in directional well BH-19, White Tiger basin B.Sc. HCMC University of Technology 2005-2010



Name Country Membership Year/Period
Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Vietnam Member 2008 - Present


Experiences (Academic)

Institution Designation Year/Period
PetroVietnam University, Petroleum Engineering Department, Vietnam Lecturer 2014 - Present


Experiences (non-Academic)

Organization Designation Year/Period



Institution Course No. Course Name Type Level Times Last Time
PetroVietnam University   Formation Evaluation Academic Undergraduate   2014-present
PetroVietnam University   Reservoir Engineering Academic Undergraduate   2014-present
PetroVietnam University   Drilling and Production Technology Academic Undergraduate   2018-present
PetroVietnam University   Fundamentals of Reservoir Engineering Academic Undergraduate   2019-present
PetroVietnam University   Fluid Transport Processes in Petroleum Production Academic Undergraduate   2017-2018
PetroVietnam University   Reservoir Fluid Academic Undergraduate   2018-present



no. Information
1 The CO2 Flooding In Petroleum Industry And Its Environmental Impacts, The 11th SEATUC Symposium, Vietnam, Mar, 2017.
2 Dual-Porosity Model for History Matching and Production Forecast for an Oil Reservoir at Cuu Long Basin, Offshore Vietnam, Proceedings of the 1st Vietnam Symposium on Advances in Offshore Engineering, Hanoi, Vietnam, Nov, 2018.
3 Using Water-Alternating-Gas Injection Method to Reduce CO2 at an Oil Reservoir, Vietnam’s Offshore, The 13th SEATUC Symposium, Vietnam, Mar, 2019.


Software Skills

Type Description
Simulator ECLIPSE, tNavigator, black reservoir simulator, PROSPER, fluid flow simulator, OLGA Transient Multiphase Flow, PIPESIM Steady-state fluid flow, HYSYS