Career Opportunities

Thông tin tuyển dụng của Viện Khoa học Địa chất và Khoáng sản năm 2020 Link

Phòng Địa chất kinh tế và Địa tin học được tuyển 2 chỉ tiêu. Chuyên ngành: tin học, địa tin học, viễn thám, trắc địa ảnh. Ưu tiên các bạn có trình độ ngoại ngữ, tin học, đã tốt nghiệp thạc sĩ là lợi thế.

Phòng Địa chất kinh tế và Địa tin học có môi trường làm việc tương đối trẻ, năng động, trang thiết bị nghiên cưu hiện đại: máy chủ, UAV, thiết bị ĐVL, các phần mềm GIS, xử lý ảnh, datamine... Các bạn quan tâm có thể hẹn lịch làm việc với mình.

Hiện nay Phòng đang triển khai các đề tài, dự án trong nước và quốc tế. Các bạn có cơ hội tham gia các dự án, học tập nâng cao trình độ ở nước ngoài.

1. Nghiên cứu xây dựng thử nghiệm hệ thống cảnh báo sớm trượt lở dạng dòng bùn đất, đá theo thời gian thực cho các khu vực miền núi Việt Nam. 2020-2022

2. Big Data at the Heart of Preventing Landslides and Flash Floods in the Vietnam Mountainous Region. 2020-2021, in collaboration with Queen's University Belfast, UK

3. Integration of Ground Measurements and InSAR Techniques for Monitoring of Land Subsidence. 2020-2021

4. Operational Services for Water, Disaster and Hydropower Applications for Lower Mekong Populations Using NASA Earth Observations and Models. 2020-2021 (with Houston University, USA)

5. Building Capacity for Disaster Management for the Mountainous region of Da Bac district, Hoa Binh Province, Vietnam, 2020-2021, with VUB, Belgium

6. Establishing a Multi-hazard and Resilience Observatory for Hanoi (MROH), 2019-2025, with British Geological Survey, UK

7. GCRF Resilience to Coupled Human-Natural Multi-hazards Network, 2019-2020, with British Geological Survey, UK

8. Field-Scale Application Of Vetiver Grass To Mitigate Dioxin Contaminated Soil At Bien Hoa Airbase, 2018-2020,

9. Weathering process on ultramafic rocks and Pedogenesis of serpentine soils in Vietnam and Taiwan. 2019-2021, with National Taiwan University

10. The early and mid-Cretaceous paleoclimate transition in the Southeast Asian continent: aridification of the low-latitude area, 2018-2021, with Waseda University, Japan


1 or 2 Research Scientist positions in "Remote Sensing and Hydrology" Link

The Remote Sensing Department in Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ) is planning to employ 1 or 2 highly motivated talents to conduct innovative research in the field of remote sensing and hydrology. Our department conducts innovative research to advance the understanding of the Earth system by various remote sensing techniques. It has extensive research experience in quantifying land surface dynamics via multi-source Earth observations across scales. Another focus lies on the investigation of land-atmosphere interaction and climate extremes using novel remote sensing products. The Research Scientist will bring expertise and capabilities that complement and broaden the department's research portfolio (, with a focus on remote sensing and hydrology. Responsibilities include:

- Perform innovative research related to hydrological remote sensing and land-atmosphere interactions, and possess a wide range of skills and knowledge in microwave remote sensing, satellite data analysis, machine learning technologies, radiative transfer model, and land surface modeling.

- Work collaboratively with co-researchers within UFZ and collaborators from partner institutes and universities.

- Act as team leader, coordinate and provide guidance to doctoral students and post-doc researchers.

- Prepare proposals for third-party funding, and promote international networking.

- Publish in highly-ranked, peer-reviewed academic journals.

- Contribute to the MSc teaching activities in the Faculty of Physics and Earth Sciences at Leipzig University.

Your profile:

- PhD degree in remote sensing, meteorology, hydrology, physical geography, environmental sciences, physics, statistics, computer sciences, or similar.

- Excellent computational and programming skills (e.g., Python, Fortran, R, or Matlab).

- Strong track record of publications in peer-reviewed international-excellent journals.

- Very good communication skills in English, and strong interest to work in an interdisciplinary research team.

- Successful experience in third-party funding application is an asset.

We offer:

- World-class research environment with excellent technical facilities.

- Work in inter-disciplinary, multinational teams and excellent links with national and international research networks.

- Provide a range of training and education opportunities to support your career development, particularly the establishment of your own researcher group.

- A vibrant region with a high quality of life and a wide cultural offering for a balance between family and professional life.

- 100% full time position limited for 3 years with the possibility to extend or turn into a permanent position after evaluation.

- Remuneration at public-sector pay grade TV'D E13 including attractive public-sector social security benefits.

Please submit your expression of interest as a single pdf including a cover letter, a CV (including publications), research plan, and the contact information for two referees to Prof. Dr. Jian Peng (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Expression of Interest Deadline: 1 August 2020


PhD and PostDocs Possition

The Collaborative Research Center FONDA opens multiple positions for PhD students and PostDocs in the fields of software engineering, distributed systems, algorithm engineering, data science, bioinformatics, biomedical image analysis, material science, and satellite-based remote sensing (in Berlin, Germany). For information, see:


MSc possition att EPOS DAADLink