About Human resources & Administrative affairs


The Organization and Administration Department is responsible for advising and assisting the Rector on the organization of personnel, labor, salary, emulation, reward and discipline for staffs; general administrative work of the University.


Organization of Personnel, Salary Labor and Policy Regime

  • Studying, consulting, developing and arranging organizational structure of the school;
  • To propose the establishment, merger, dissolution, division of units of the University; Organizing the implementation of the approved projects;
  • Proposing the development of regulations and regulations related to the organization of personnel;
  • Labor planning; propose to arrange, transfer and recruit labor; monitor and supervise the organization of management and use of labor in the University;
  • Researching, proposing the appointment of leaders of units of the University, developing staff suitable for development requirements of the University;
  • Research and coordinate with the functional units to develop, adjust, supplement and promulgate the rules and regulations of the school suitable for each stage of development;
  • Organizing the implementation of policies and regimes for employees: professional training and fostering; recruitment exams, rank promotion; To raise wage grades, difficult allowances, social insurance regimes and human accident insurance; the work of emulation, commendation and discipline;
  • Permanent Council: recruitment, salary, rank promotion, staff discipline, emulation and reward;
  • Managing and updating personnel records, coordinating staff reviews and evaluations annually; update the list of staff transferred and retired annual;
  •  Carrying out the procedures: establishing the Advisory Council / Working Group, sending the staffs to study, work in and outside the country in accordance with the regulations of the School, the Group and the State;
  • Calculate and pay salaries as well as income for staff and staff outside the University are invited to lecture; payment of social insurance, health insurance for employees' insurance.

General Administration

  • Propose the development of regulations and regulations related to general administrative work;
  • Synthesis of working programs; make statistics and reports; schedule weekly work; transcripts of school management meetings and records of school-level meetings; information, monitoring progress of the units in the school; Prepare the necessary conditions for school leaders to go to work;
  • Assist the Principal to manage the working relationship between units throughout the University according to the functions and duties prescribed; Prepare reports and speeches of the Principal as required;
  • Coordinate with relevant units to organize annual staff meetings and congresses and conferences of the University;
  • Organizing the reception, reception of the school, meetings / conferences / seminars assigned by the Organization and Administration Department;
  • Performing the synthesis - administration - archives; receive and classify documents to and from; To assist the Management Board in handling administrative documents promptly and promptly; manage seals and signatures according to regulations; business cards, letters of recommendation, certificates and employee certifications; make a copy of the documents issued by the College and the documents of the higher level as stipulated by the Principal;
  • Coordinating the use of meeting rooms in the School; drinking water and sanitation boardroom meetings, some boardrooms; coordinated drinking water for other meeting rooms;
  • Manage and coordinate the use of cars for the work of the University;
  • The focal point is responsible for procurement, management of assets and equipment for regular activities of the University and its units;
  • The focal point is responsible for procurement, management of tools, materials, stationery for regular activities of the University and units of the University;
  • To coordinate the liquidation and disposal of equipment, supplies and / or properties which are damaged or not used, to ensure their efficient use;
  • Carry out legal work to ensure that the school operates in accordance with the law; representing the School to work with legal, litigation, investigation, complaints and denunciation;
  • Pay for regular school expenses; organization of meals for employees;
  • Carry out the task of cleaning the school's affairs.

Communication, public relations and building brand identity

  • Proposing the development of regulations and regulations related to communication, public relation and brand identification;
  • Planning, broadcasting and broadcasting programs for the University;
  • Designing, gathering information for media publications, verifying communication materials and distributing visual communication products for the University;
  • Relate to the media, provide information to the press according to the authority and regulations of the University; monitor and recommend measures to deal with press information for the university leaders;
  • Arrange media interviews, prepare relevant materials for interviewed leaders;
  • Assume the prime responsibility for, coordinate with units in the school to organize events of the School to attract the public, create and develop images of the University;
  • Lead the construction of brand identity for the University;
  • Being the focal point, organizing the translation from Vietnamese into English the information posted on the school website.