About Academic Affair

A. Function

The Department of Academic Affairs plays the main role in recruiting, managing training tasks and academic programs in the university, managing students and ensures the training quality of PVU.

B. Responsibilities

General responsibilities

  • Research and set the training targets, models and methods;
  • Create regulations and procedures in training management in order to ensure training quality;
  • Set the methods for the training quality assurance;
  • Manage students.


  • Build the recruiting plan including the quantity, procedures to meet the University’s target;
  • Schedule to select eligible students for the training programs at PVU;
  • Build the media plan for recruitment;
  • Cooperate with other universities to build recruiting strategies for the University.

Managing training activities

  • Build the training plan for the academic year and the detail plans for each semester;
  • Build timetables and managing the training plan of teaching faculty, coordinate with faculties and departments to help students with course registration;
  • Coordinate the classrooms use;
  • Manage the faculties and students’ databases and profile;
  • Build regulations and procedures; supervise the implementation of these regulations and procedures;
  • Build the program curricula;
  • Build the proposal for new graduate and undergraduate programs;
  • Plan and cooperate with the Faculties and Library in setting, developing, managing learning material resources to meet PVU students’ and lecturers’ studying and researching demands.

Evaluating students

  • Schedule and organize the exams including Midterm tests, Final exams and Graduation thesis defense
  • Keep the original version of students’ school records

Awarding & managing diploma, certificate, degree

  • Prepare application documents for granting diplomas, certificates, and degrees;
  • Print diplomas, certificates, and degrees
  • Keep and deliver diplomas, certificates, and degrees to students; issue true copy of students’ certificates.

Providing student services

  • Cooperate with other departments and organizations in organizing sports, and cultural activities;
  • Create and carry out student assistance programs for students, including scholarships, financial supports and career opportunities after graduating;
  • Operating other student support services;
  • Manage, use the facilities in PVU dormitory effectively;
  • Manage students’ residence in the dormitory in accordance with PVU regulations.

Maintaining Qualityassurance

  • Maintain a reference resource of the Education laws of Vietnam and advise PVU leaders on these contents;
  • Observe the academic activities and report the observations for improving the training programs;
  • Disseminate policies and information on quality assurance relating to all activities of PVU;
  • Propose, implement, and monitor the effectiveness of quality policies;
  • Monitor the security process related to the administration of major examinations and certification of results;
  • Review teaching activities of faculties with regard to the regulations of Vietnamese laws;
  • Ensure the validity of the certification process for the issuance of certificates, diplomas and degrees.

Other duties

  • Organize the Opening and Graduation Ceremonies;
  • Organize the approval process of teaching materials.