About Fundamental Sciences Faculty

The Department of Science and Technology was established under the Decision No. 43 / QĐ-ĐHDK dated 27 January 2011 of the VNU Board. The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences is a training and management unit of the University. It has the function of organizing the training of general and technical subjects in the regular university training program and the university's training programs. Currently Faculty has 12 faculty members, including: 1 associate professor, 5 PhDs, 3 masters and 3 engineers, bachelors.

High-tech cadres are trained in foreign countries in the fields of mathematics, physics, electricity-automation, mechanical engineering and information technology. Faculty participates in training students undergraduate and graduate students at PVU, always associate the teaching work with scientific research to ensure quality output.

Scientific research and technology transfer is one of the important and mandatory tasks implemented by the Faculty since its inception. Numerous research projects conducted by faculty members have been published in reputable scientific journals, national and international scientific conferences and seminars.

In addition, the Faculty is involved in the planning, development and recruitment of faculty members. At the same time, they also participate in the work of political education, ideology, morality and lifestyle for staff and students.

The Faculty is also responsible for organizing curricula, lectures and reference materials for the subjects under study.