About Fundamental Sciences Faculty

Faculty of Fundamental Sciences was established under the Decision No. 43/QD-DHDK dated 27 January 2011 of PetroVietnam University. The Faculty is a training and management unit of the University. It has the function of organizing the training of fundamental science and technical subjects in the formal training program and other training programs of the university. The Faculty has 16 members, including 2 associate professors, 4 doctors, 3 PhD students, and 8 masters.

High qualified cadres of the faculty are trained in prestigious universities nationwide and worldwide in the areas of mathematics, physics, electricity-automation, mechanical engineering and information technology. The Faculty participates in training undergraduate and graduate students at PVU, always combining teaching and scientific research to ensure the learning outcomes.

Scientific research and technology transfer has been one of the important and mandatory tasks implemented by the Faculty since its establishment. Numerous research projects conducted by faculty members have been published in reputable scientific journals, and presented in national and international scientific conferences and seminars.

In addition, the Faculty has involved in planning, recruiting, and developing faculty members. At the same time, we have also participated in political education, ideology, ethics and lifestyle for our staff and students.
The Faculty is also responsible for designing curricula, lectures and reference materials for the teaching subjects.