About External relations and science & technology


  • The Department of Science and Technology was established right after PetroVietnam University (PVU) came into operation in 2010. Through many years of operation and development, the Department has made important steps forward, contributing to the process of building and developing the University in the field of domestic and international cooperation and scientific research.
  • The Department has been developing and implementing many effective cooperation agreements with important national and international partners. The cooperation agreements have been implemented in detail, in depth with many specific activities in the development of human resources for Vietnam Oil & Gas Group (PVN) and the country, especially in strengthening management resources, training, and scientific research.
  • The Department has strongly attracted, managed, and effectively used the international support from UOP Honeywell, KOGAS - Korea, Schlumberger, Intergraph Group, JX Nippon Oil & Gas Consulting Services (Mekong), Idemitsu Kosan – Japan, etc. and especially from the Viet Nam Oil and Gas Group. Many projects have massive gray matter and financial investment. These supports have contributed to improve staff’s management capacity and their professional qualification in, as well as facilities for training and scientific research. The achievements of  the university have contributed to the fulfillment of the policy of educating talents for development, and simultaneously ensure to continue attracting investments and implement the signed agreements, gradually pursuing the strategies devised by the university. 
  • The Department has successfully organized many national and international conferences and seminars, creating favorable academic exchange programs between managers, lecturers, and students of the university with domestic and international experts in various technical fields, especially oil exploration,, and exploitation and processing. Moreover, the scope and quality of conferences and seminars are increased, attracting the attendance and active participation of most managers, lecturers, and students of the university and other universities nationwide and worldwide.
  • The Department has successfully found more and more exchange programs, internships, partial scholarships or full scholarship grants from universities with significant academic and research achievements in the United States, Canada, Australia, Italy, UK, Korea, and Japan. These achievements have been giving managers, lecturers and students of PVU many opportunities to receive scholarships, exchange internships and exchange programs in the modern international work environment[a1]  to integrate into the flow of human resources development and scientific research of the world


External Relations and Science-Technology  Department functions as an advisor and counselor department supervising and managing scientific research  and technology transfer activities and international and domestic relation activities of PVU


External Affairs

  • Propose the making of regulations related to the external affairs of the university;
  • Receive information from the outside to the university and  pass it on to relevant functional departments;
  • Formulate and submit to the Rector for deciding and organizing the implementation of policies, contents, short-term and long-term plans on external relations; advising Rector on the selection of partners, identifying the direction, form, content and specific policies and measures to develop and enhance the effectiveness of the university's external relations activities;
  • Actively look for, build and maintain relationships with external partners (individuals and organizations) who are capable and prestigious in the field of training and scientific research to introduce them to faculties, and propose the establishment of cooperative relationships to the Rector; supervise and  encourage the implementation of signed cooperative agreements. Report and proactively propose appropriate and effective measures to strengthen cooperation between the university and its partners;
  • Coordinate with other departments/faculties in the university to build and manage international cooperation projects; hold signing ceremonies of cooperation agreements; appoint staff to monitor the implementation of and carry out periodical assessment of external cooperation activities;
  • Be in charge of procedures related to the preparation for the delegation of leaders and staff members of PVU to work abroad and welcome foreign delegations to visit and work at PVU;
  • Contact with partners to send staff to their training and practice courses; carry out relevant external procedures for PVU teaching staff to study abroad; follow and evaluate the work results and report them to the Rector;
  • Be in charge of seeking, building, maintaining and fostering relationships with localities, communities, enterprises, and alumni; actively strengthen these relationships which are beneficial to the development of the University;

Management of scientific research activities

  • Propose the development of regulations related to the management of scientific research activities of PVU;
  • Advise the Rector on the plan, direction of scientific research activities of PVU; coordinate with departments to formulate and implement short-term and long-term programs and plans on scientific research and technology transfer;
  • Be in charge of drafting the regulations on management of scientific research and technology transfer;
  • Follow, inspect and supervise the use of funds allocated for scientific and technological activities;
  • Plan, direct, and guide the proposals; register, evaluate, select, implement, follow the progress and manage the science and technology projects;
  • Coordinate with relevant departments and individuals inside and outside the university to carry out registrations and bidding for the implementation of scientific and technological research projects, and technology transfer;
  • Link and collaborate on scientific research and / or technology application between the university and business establishments and other organizations;
  • Manage and guide the implementation of scientific research activities of lecturers and students; organize the evaluation, selection and commend individual researchers and research groups to the Rector to reward them for their outstanding execution ;
  • Organize the evaluation and accept the results of scientific research topics according to PVU regulations;
  • Manage products, results, keep records of science and technology subjects; be responsible for management, registration of intellectual property rights, utility solutions and commercialization of research results of staff and students;
  • Coordinate with faculties, departments and centers to find funding sources to strengthen the facilities for research and technology transfer;
  • Advise Rector on the rewards and incentives for science and technology activities;
  • Coordinate with departments to introduce and promote the results of scientific and technological activities of the university and excellent scientific and technological works of students on the mass media; disseminate scientific information inside and outside the university;
  • Consult and organize activities related to scientific research technology development and application as well as  the transference of scientific and technological achievements to research institutions, manufacturing bases, enterprises and units in need;
  • Organize seminars / conferences on  scientific research and technology transfer activities at the university; be in charge of organizing and participating in national and international scientific conferences and seminars;
  • Coordinate with departments and organizations and the Administration Department to manage and update the curriculum vitae of PVU staff.