Research projects

Year Code Project name Full name of PI Research type Condition 
2012 Contract No. 7968/QĐ-DKVN
October 9th, 2012
Building a database of meteorology, hydrography and earthquakes on the continental shelf of Vietnam for  the design of marine works Ass. Prof. Le Phuoc Hao PVN Approved
2014 Contract No. 25/2014/103/HĐTN Researching and manufacturing biosensors based on nanowires to detect some pathogenic biological particles Dr. Nguyen Thi Phuong Nhung PVN Approved
2014 Contract No. 04/2014/101/HĐTN Directive function method for differential inequalities Dr. Nguyen Van Loi Ministry of Industry and Trade Approved
2014 Contract No. 4475/QĐ-DKVN
July 2nd, 2014
Completing meteorological, hydrographic, and earthquake database on Vietnam's continental shelf and developing application for offshore production activities of the Oil and Gas Industry Ass. Prof. Le Phuoc Hao PVN Approved
2015 Contract No. 5677/QĐ-DKVN August 19th, 2015 Developing the guideline for training, inspection and supervision of environmental protection in oil and gas activities Ass. Prof. Pham Hong Quang PVN Approved
2017 Decision No. 780/QĐ-SKHCN & Contract No. 136/2017/HĐ-SKHCN
September 1st, 2017
Researching and developing the anti-corrosion additives for biofuel Dr. Nguyen Dang Nam Department of Science and Technology Approved
2017 Contract No. 19/2017/104/HĐTN Analysis of the ability to inhibit and synergize the corrosion inhibition of clay at the nanoscale Dr. Nguyen Dang Nam Ministry of Industry and Trade Approved
2018 01/DIEN/ĐHDK/2018/KHCN Studying and evaluating the use of demineralised water in Thermal power plants of Vietnam Oil and Gas Group   Ass. Prof. Le Van Sy PVN Approved
2018 01/DIEN/ĐHDK/2018/KHCN Researching and evaluating the operation situation and proposing solutions to improve the working efficiency of large power transformers at PVN Power Plants Dr. Vu Minh Hung PVN Approved
2018 01/2019/HĐ-ĐTCT-KC-4.0/19-25 Research on Artificial Intelligence System Intergrated Petroleum Geology Database for Hydrocarbon Prospects Assessment Dr. Doan Ngoc San Government Approved
2019 01/KTQL(PVU)/2019/KHCN Preparation of Lectures in Petroleum Exploration and Production, Petrochemical Refining, Oil Processing and Electricity for staffs of Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (1st Stage) Dr. Phan Minh Quoc Binh PVN Basic level approval
2020 14/ATBVMT/PVU/2020/KHCN Research and manufacture equipment to detect defects in steel pipes and pipeline systems by MFL - 1st stage: Research and manufacture a set of defect detection equipment for loose, small-diameter steel pipes by MFL (simple and low cost) Ass. Prof. Le Van Sy PVN Approved
2021 01/HCBDK(PVU)/2021/KHCN Research and manufacture membrane and membrane system used in gasoline vapor recovery Dr. Duong Chi Trung PVN Being processed
2022 7800/HĐ-DKVN (30/12/2022) Researcg and Fabrication of Superhydrophobic and Highly Oil-Absorbent Sponge for Treating Oil-Contaminated Wastewater Dr. Nguyen Thi Phuong Nhung PVN Being processed
2023 1872/HĐ-DKVN (27/03/2023) Research and manufacture of the 20-inch pipeline inspection gauge (PIG) to detect transverse defects in metal pipes, moved by a pull/push moto Dr. Vu Minh Hung PVN Being processed
2023 1871/HĐ-DKVN (27/03/2023) Research and manufacture of the handheld device for detecting defects of pipeline systems in factories by magnetic imaging method Prof.Dr. Pham Hong Quang PVN Being processed
2023 3727/QĐ-DKVN 05/06/2023 Research on the Application of Technology for Converting Plastic waste into Liquid Fuel, Olefins, or Synthetic Gas Dr. Phan Minh Quoc Binh PVN Being processed