Career Opportunities

At PVU, we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive platform for student career development through various initiatives and partnerships. Our commitment revolves around assisting students in securing internships and employment opportunities. We offer a range of programs designed to equip students with practical skills and real-world knowledge to thrive in their chosen careers.

Our Career Support Initiatives include:

  • Internship Opportunities: We facilitate internships by introducing students to available programs, delivering soft skills training, and organizing engagement sessions with industry professionals.
  • Advisor Assistance: Advisors are available to help students refine their resumes and cover letters upon request.
  • Company Day: Annually, we organize Company Day, featuring mock interviews and networking opportunities with industry representatives. This event serves as a platform for students to interact with potential employers, gain insights into job requirements, and receive feedback on their CVs. Many students have secured employment directly through this event, even before graduating.
  • Training Sessions: We conduct 6-7 workshops annually to enhance students' soft skills and provide practical insights from industry experts, aligning them with job market demands.
  • Our commitment to student success is evident in our statistics, showcasing that approximately 60-70% of our students find employment immediately after graduation, with a 100% employment rate within six months post-graduation.
  • We maintain stable relations with various employers, both domestic and international, with around 70 different companies currently employing PVU graduates. Additionally, through collaborations within and outside of PVN, 100% of PVU students participate in summer internships or final-term internships lasting between 4 to 6 weeks at various companies.

Furthermore, we offer exclusive opportunities such as scholarships for Chemical Engineering students, including internships and thesis projects at renowned companies like Haldor Topsoe (Denmark) and Honeywell UOP (USA).

Our efforts extend beyond graduation, with a dedicated Facebook group (, connecting current and former students. This platform shares valuable job-related information and serves as a networking hub for alumni and potential employers. We actively track and analyze the career paths of our alumni through email, phone, and company records, ensuring continuous improvement in our curriculum based on alumni feedback.


A Chemical Engineer may be involved in the design, operation, and research of refineries or other processing plants. Accordingly, graduate career opportunities include:

  • Design Engineers who focuss on the engineering design process in any of the various engineering plants. The design engineer usually works with a team of other engineers and other types of designers (e.g. industrial designers), to develop conceptual and detailed designs that ensure a product functions, performs, and is fit for its purpose.
  • Operation Engineers who work to make sure that all process and functions under their control are working correctly and efficiently.
  • Researchers’ duties include analyzing data, gathering and comparing resources, ensuring facts, sharing findings with the whole research team, adhering to required methodologies, performing fieldwork as needed, and keeping critical information confidential.