Sport Clubs


At PVU, we believe that competitive sports help our students develop into determined, well rounded student and teach them the grit and determination that gives them the stamina to see things through. We also believe that every students can find an activity they can become passionate about.

sport clubs 1

PVU is a place where the beginner can dip her toe and try playing sports can develop further and receive focused academic support. Students regularly take on new sports and quickly learn the skills needed to not only progress, but to excel in their chosen activity. In the middle school, our aim is to give the opportunity to play on a competitive team for whichever sport they choose.

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Students are encouraged to have a spirit of adventure and not be afraid to give new sports a try. With over 7 sports such as football, volleyball, chess, swiming, table tennis, badminton,... to choose from spread across the activities programme, PVU provides the facilities to keep every student healthy and fit and create the opportunities to further their potential.

Throughout their school career every student will have opportunities to represent the school in our various sports teams. Regardless of breadth of choices and opportunities at the core of everything we do is a passion to develop a love of sport.

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