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English Club, a useful and healthy after-school playground where studentscan learn, play, communicate, and practise to improve their level of English, provides less formal environment but positive opportunities for students tolisten to and participate in speakingEnglish. It is essential that studentsrealize the importance of being able to use English in everyday conversations aswell as in social life communication, so as they love English, often practice English,want and try to build confidence to communicate in English.English Club is the place where the students practice listening, speaking andusing English naturally, through games, songs, fun quizzes, and short presentations ontopics of their own interests, events happen in their everyday life, the current social problems being interested in by young people, in which students can also exchange general preferable knowledge as well as possible ways to overcome their difficulties inEnglish studies.!he activities are held in the English club are to provide opportunities for students to improve their communication skills, create critical reflections incommunication, practice the skills of asking questions as well as giving presentatiosnin English.In addition to reviewing lots of useful knowledge, students also have theopportunity to bring valuable gifts both physically and mentally home.

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To be able to create a dynamic environment for learning English, English clubsshould be held regularly, creating opportunities for students to improve their general theoretical knowledge and practical skills. "What is more, the activities focusing on improving students listening and speaking skills, for example, relaying the message, back-to-back interview, following the directions, making telephone calls, minimal card pairs, movie clip quiz, song gap-filling, ordering the lyrics, (listening and throwing, slapping the picture) should be carefully studied and used creatively and effectively. "With such realistic goal as well as the benefits brought to individuals, it is certainly that English clubs will help students of all ages achieve better foreign language courses outcomes, and that is the reason why English clubs are worth spending times and efforts on.

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The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) International is one of the largest individual-member organisations serving managers, engineers, scientists and other professionals worldwide in the upstream segment of the oil and gas industry. Petrovietnam University (PVU) Student Chapter is a branch of this technical society.

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PVU's SPE Student Chapter was formed in 2011. This Student Chapter provides an operating framework for society activities at a university level. It comprises a group of young, dynamic individuals who upon graduation are expected to enter the petroleum industry. Whilst the Chapter promotes the growth of individuals in the technical aspects of the industry, we also encourage our members to foster and enhance their social responsibility in the development of the industry and thus by extension our communities.

The PetroBowl competition pitches SPE student chapter teams against each other in a series of quick-fire rounds, answering technical and nontechnical industry-related questions.

This competition is Interesting Petro Bowl for all SPE PVU student chapter members actually. The questions will be simple and interesting. Through this competition, you will learn knowledge in a cheerful and relaxing environment


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G&G club is an academic club at Petrovietnam University. The club is run by PVU students and offers members the opportunity to get involved in different activities. For example, workshop and seminar topics in geology and geophysics are conducted to help students exchange and enhance their knowledge. In addition, students’ soft skills such as comunication, presentation, discussion, debate… can be improved. Besides, the club often organizes field trips, helping students gain better understanding of the local geology.

In order to develop students’ teamwork and presentation skills, The G&G Club held monthly seminars where members can present a topic or a problem that student studied .

Field trip is an indispensable activity of the Club, Students visited some places with oustanding geology features in Ba Ria- Vung Tau Province and Observed them to undestand theory studied in school. Students also practiced some devices and machines used in geology and geophysics field.

Recently, G&G organized sessions to train for members about Phyton. This is an essential and popular programming language which is applied in exploration oil and gas. Beside that, Club also invited experts in Geology and geophysics field to exchange, provide useful knowledges and practical experiences to members.

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