The lasting friendship between PVU and JX NOEX

The lasting friendship between PVU and JX NOEX

In the morning of 06/4/2018, Vice-Rector Hoang Hung and Deputy Manager of External Relations and Science-Technology Department – Mr. Nguyen To Hoai visited and sent warm farewell messages to the former CEO of JX Mekong and congratulated the new leader of it.

The meeting was in a warm, intimate, and meaningful atmosphere. On behalf of PVU, Mr. Hoang Hung presented flowers and farewell gifts and congratulated JX Mekong CEO - Mr. Kazuchika Fujii, JVPC Director - Mr. Yoshihide Kira on their new positions at JX NOEX Japan.


Mr. Hoang Hung gave flowers and present to Mr. Kazuchika Fujii - Former General Director of JXMK

Vice-Rector Hoang Hung expressed his deep thanks to Mr. Kira and Mr. Fujii for their facilitation and support to PVU and especially their profound concern about the development activities of students. At the same time, he wished them more health and success in their new positions, and hopefully they would continue to support and help PVU. On this occasion, Mr. Hoang Hung also congratulated Mr. Tsuyoshi Tojo - new CEO of JX Mekong in Vietnam and hope that he would maintain the good relationship between JX NOEX and PVU which has been built for a long time. Mr. Tojo pledged to foster the friendly and long-standing relationship between two sides. At the meeting, Vice-Rector Hoang Hung invited JX Mekong to attend the "Company Day" event organized by PVU in May 2018. The meeting ended with a warm handshake and good wishes for both parties.


Congratulation to the new CEO of JXMK - Mr. Tsuyoshi Tojo



PVU took a photo with leaders of JXMK at HCMC- based company

NOEX is the most major and potential sponsor of PVU so far with sponsorship activities:

-  Sponsor midstream and downstream training for teaching staff and students PVU: 2,101,100,000 VND (2011).

-  Funding for PVU Student Development Fund: 65,520,000 VND (in 2012); VND 84,420,000 (in 2013); VND 63,585,000 (2014); VND 67,170,000 (2015); VND 66,810,000 (2016) and VND 68,010,000 (2017).