Mechanics of Fluid Laboratory


Mechanics of Fluid Laboratory

osborn reynolds

Osborne- Reynolds demonstration unit

fluid friction

Computer controlled fluid friction in pipes unit

Bernoulli theodem

Bernoulli’s theorem demonstration unit




Vo Quoc Thang, PhD

Equipment list

The Mechanics of Fluid Laboratory is equipped with:

-          Osborne- Reynolds demonstration unit

-          Computer controlled fluid friction in pipes unit, with hydraulics bench

-          Bernoulli’s theorem demonstration unit

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The Mechanics of Fluid Laboratory was founded in 2013 with modern experiment units imported from Edibon (Spain):

-          Osborne-Reynolds demonstration unit: it consists of a cylindrical tank endowed with a nozzle, that is fitted to a methacrylate pipe, which allows the fluid visualization. A spillway guarantees the homogeneity of the flow and a needle fitted to the deposits provides the dye.

-          Computer controlled fluid friction in pipes unit: it is designed to determine the friction coefficient in pipes of several diameters and roughness, to study the pressure losses in different types of valves and different fittings and to compare different methods to measure the flow.

-          Bernoulli’s theorem demonstration unit: it is composed of a circular section conduit with shape of a truncated cone, transparent and with seven pressure taps to measure, simultaneously, the static pressure of each section.