Electricity-Electronics Laboratory


Electricity-Electronics Laboratory



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Instructor Vu Minh Hung, PhD
Equipment list

The Electricity-Electronics Laboratory is equipped with:

-          Basic circuit: 1 phase, 3 phase, load R, L, C

-          1 Phase, 3 phase transformers

-          DC motor and generator

-          Three-phase synchronous motor and generator

-          Three-phase asynchronous motors and generators

-          Data acquisition and automatic measurement

-          AC, DC power supplies

-          Measuring and monitoring equipment software

-          Semiconductor devices

-          Transistor amplifier circuit

-          Operational amplifier

-          Basis of logic circuit

-          DC power supply

-          Two-channel oscilloscope

-          Two-channel generator

-          Multimeter

More infos The Electricity-Electronics Lab was established in 2013 with modern equipment from Lab-Volt Group (Canada). The test kits are mounted securely in an electrical cabinet and are connected to the automated monitoring and measuring software.