Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering focuses on the application of engineering principles to the design, construction and operation of industrial processing plants. A chemical engineer generally works at any industrial processing plant such as those dealing with petrochemicals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, food processing and other related industries. The job involves supervision of plant operation and maintenance, troubleshooting operational problems related to process, and undertaking plant modification work for process operability and safety improvement.

The Bachelor of Chemical Engineering with Honours programme stresses the need for a strong foundation in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, followed by a thorough coverage of basic engineering courses such as Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics and Mass & Heat Transfer. In the later years of study, students are exposed to Unit Operations, Reaction Engineering, Safety & Environment, Process Control and Process Design.

Chemical Engineering Curriculum.

Minimum Grade:
Pass with at least Grade 21 in sum of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry in 2018
Pass with at least Grade 22 in sum of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry in 2019.

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​Item ​​Amount (VND)​ ​ ​ ​

Registration Fee


​​​1,000.00 (to be paid when you accept the offer - for new students only) ​ ​ ​

Total tuition fees

(hostel fee is free for the whole duration of studies)


for Chemical Engineering program


for Drilling – Petroleum Geology Engineering programme


for Geology Engineering


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Chair, Petroleum Engineering Department Associate Professor

Dr Nguyen Van Hung

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