About Information and Library center

Located on the 6th floor of PVU building, the library has an area of 160 m2, and is equipped with specilized tables and chairs to bring both private reading space and an open discussion area for our students. The library is also equipped with 12 computers with Internet connection, scanner, Wifi system to support readers to look up, scan and download documents. The library main task is to make policies and development plan of the Library in accordance with each stage of PVU Development Strategy, organize and manage the Library's document sources and data system.

PVU Library’s Rules and Regulations include Regulations concerning the use of documents, services and equipment; and Regulations concerning the use of digital documents

PVU's Development Strategy for the period 2015-2025 defines plans for the investment in teaching resources and equipment includingbuilding resources for undergraduate training activities; prioritizing the purchase of reading materials on petroleum for teaching and researching activities ; developing internal digital resources such as research topics, theses, scientific articles, ect. , organizingthe library into specialized sub-zones, applying integrated library management system to manage Library resources to effectively serve many different majors, implementingPVU learning management system for teaching English subjects; providing technical foundations for online training, distance learning; implementing an e-learning system for all subjects in order to create an effective online learning environment. Drawing on the Development Strategy for the period 2015-2025, PVU has issued a plan to implement the strategy of developing facilities including theLibrary’s investment plan with a total estimated cost of 1.1 billion VND for the period 2015-2019.

The total proposed funding for investment in teaching and learning materials, online databases and teaching aids from 2015 to 2019 was 1,237.2 million (2015: 271 million; 2016: 370 million; 2017: 209.25 million; 2018: 145,750 million; 2019: 241.2 million VND). From 2015 to 2018, PVU's total funding for learning materials and online database was 877,985 million including purchasing books and funding for e-library implementation to meet the demand of training, scientific research and community service. In 2019, PVN also approved PVU’s funding for buying book and accessing to e-databases with a total value of 150 million.

The library currently has 1,753 books (4435 copies), including 856 English textbooks and materials (1095 copies); 416 Vietnamese textbooks and materials (2716 copies); 68 scientific research reports of lecturers and students, 250 graduation projects, 42 master's theses and magazines of various types (121 books, 264 copies). The library is equipped with OnePetro online database for learning, teaching and research in the field of Petroleum. Lecturers and students can access free online learning resources at anytime and from anywhere. The investment in Integrated Library Management Loftware since 2016 has greatly improved the management of PVU learning resources and library administration, with reports on documents, number of readers and document circulation being extracted more quicly.

In order to evaluate the effectiveness of the library's learning resources and online databases, Library and Information Centre also surveyedusers who were students and lecturers.

Results of the student surveys in 2017 (72 students), 2018 (87 students), and 2019 (104 students) revealed that the numbers of students who showed satisfaction towards:

  • library facilities such as reading rooms, Wifi were always over 80%;
  • computers server were 78%-81%;
  • the quality of materials were more than 86%;
  • community resources were above 50% because the university currently focuses on investing in materials for learning and research.

Surveys on our lecturers in 2017 (35 lecturers), 2018 (41 lecturers) and 2019 (40 lecturers) showed that the satisfaction rates towards:

  • Library facilities were approximately 90%;
  • The quality of materials were more than 80%.

In terms of community resources, the survey in 2017 and 2018 showed that more than 40% of lecturers thought that they needed to be supplemented in the near future. Teaching aids and equipment were also reported to effectively and regularly used. Online survey results are stored on Microsoft Office 365 for quick access, can be viewed in either raw information or combined chart forms.

Hard copies of offline surveys are stored at Information Center and the soft ones are stored on OneDrive system which is retrieveable at anytime, anywhere, and can be accessed easily.

Reports on borrowing and returning the learning resources of the readers are stored on MSSQL database on PVU Server system which helps ensure the information is securely stored. With OnePetro E-database, the website provides information on electronic document visits which allows for the assessment of the usage of online resource. From 2015 to 2018, PVU's total funding for learning materials, online databases and teaching support equipment was 877,985 million VND, including books and e-library funding to meet the requirements of training, doing scientific research and community services. Specifically, during that period, PVU purchased 230 English books for general and specilized subjects, and 177 Vietnamese books for general and specilized subjects. In 2019, PVU also received PVN funding for purchasing books and accessing to electronic databases with a total value of 150 million VND. In 2016, PVU has equipped integrated Library management software to manage learning resources and document circulation. This software has ensure rapid extraction and management of reports and statistics.