Petrovietnam University and Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology Engage in Strategic Discussions with Zarubezhneft EP Vietnam

On the 31st of July, a strategic meeting between Petrovietnam University (PVU), the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HCMUT), and Zarubezhneft EP Vietnam took place at the Vietnam Petroleum Institute, situated in the Ho Chi Minh City High-Tech Park.

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Glimpse into the Engaging Working Session

Following a warm welcome and introduction by the host, the attendees began to present their respective institutions. Representing PVU, Rector Dr. Phan Minh Quoc Binh elucidated PVU's core strengths, educational programs, and future directions. Highlighting the strong ties between PVU and both domestic and international petroleum companies, he underlined PVU's impressive student placement rate post-graduation and the opportunities they extend for overseas education and internships.

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Dr. Phan Minh Quoc Binh, Rector of PVU, Unveils PVU's Operations and the Scope for Collaboration

In turn, Associate Prof. Dr. Mai Thanh Phong, Rector of HCMUT, shed light on the historical trajectory and achievements of HCMUT. The rector emphasized their globally recognized engineering programs and adherence to international assessment standards, such as HCERES, AUN-QA, ABET, FIBAA, AQAS, and BSI.

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Associate Prof. Dr. Mai Thanh Phong, Rector of HCMUT, Provides Valuable Insights

Zarubezhneft EP Vietnam's CEO, Mr. Alexander Mikhaylov, then provided insight into the company's exploration and production operations within Vietnam, sharing the firm's investment strategy and development vision. Furthermore, he expressed a keen interest in acquiring young talent, stating Zarubezhneft's readiness to support student internships and offer job opportunities to those who meet their requirements.

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Mr. Alexander I. Mikhaylov, CEO of Zarubezhneft EP Vietnam, Engages in Dialogue on Potential Collaboration

During the subsequent question and discussion session, both PVU and HCMUT showcased a keen interest in establishing a collaboration with Zarubezhneft. Potential areas of collaboration were identified, including training, research and development, technology transfer, talented student recommendation, scholarship and equipment sponsorship, and internship facilitation. Detailed discussions on the specifics of such collaboration were agreed to be conducted.

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Mutual Consensus on Cooperation Principles Reached Among All Parties

The meeting was brought to a close with all parties reaching a consensus on the cooperative principles. The professional departments of each institution will now proceed to work out the implementation details, which will be formalized through a cooperation agreement. This gathering showcased the shared commitment of these institutions towards enhancing educational and employment opportunities within Vietnam's petroleum sector.

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Parties Continue Collective Efforts to Refine Specifics of the Cooperation Agreement