PVU's mission is to train and provide high quality human resources for the petroleum industry and the country. Considered as one of the main factors to accomplish the mission, PVU staff and faculties are aware of the importance of improving their English and participate in production in other subsidiaries of the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group to enrich their practical experiences. They are also dispatched  to leading universities in the world to earn master/doctor degrees or improve their specialty and teaching skills.

As one of the units of PVN, PVU has great advantage of applying "Policy of attracting high quality human resources" approved by the PVN's Board of Directors on November 12th 2009 with many preferential policies that is in accordance with PVU's targets and development strategy. The policy will contribute to improve the specialty of PVU's staff and faculties as well as to attract local and overseas talents.

Based on the "Policy of attracting high quality human resources" and the Resolution of PVN's Party Committee on promoting internal resources and prioritizing the use of services of PVN's units, PVU will take full advantage of talented scientists and engineers working in or retired from PVN's units and invite them to participate in training activities.

Besides, PVU has signed co-operation agreements with local and international universities on supplying lecturers and developing PVU's training programs.

In addition, the school also had the training cooperation agreement with the universities in the country and abroad about providing a visiting faculty as well as the cooperation of construction TRAINING ACADEMY for PVU.

can bo giang vien

Staff-faculty members of the school visit the historic Area of Ho Chi Minh President in countering the Rock (Ba Vi - Ha Noi)