Reservoir engineering laboratory

Reservoir Engineering laboratory

Lecturer MSc. Nguyen Viet Khoi Nguyen; MSc. Pham Huu Tai
List of facilities
  • POROPERM System
  • Advanced electrical resistivity meter
  • Calcimeter
  • VISCOpro 2000
  • Rock compressor system
  • Universal Rock Testing Device
  • Dataphysics
Description about the lab

subjects ”Formation Evaluation” and “Reservoir engineering” include the following experimetns:

  • Determine effective porosity and absolute permeability by POROPERM system
  • Determine wettability
  • Determine the electrical conductivity of the rock
  • Determination of calcium content in rock
  • Determine viscosity of fluid
  • Determine rock compressibility
Images of lectures

kinh hien vi dien tu quet

SEM - Tescan

thiet bi do do rong ke helium