Drilling, Drilling fluid and Cement laboratory

Drilling, Drilling fluid and Cement laboratory

Lecturer PhD. Nguyen Van Hung; MSc. Nguyen Huu Truong
List of facilities
  • 140 Mud balance
  • Fann Viscometer Marsh
  • pH meter
  • Velocity meter
  • Series 300 LPLT Filter Press
  • High-Pressure, High-Temperature Filter Press
  • Model 88C Resistivity Meter
  • Electrical Stability Tester, EST Model 23E
  • Sand Content Kit
  • 50ml Oil and Water Retort
  • Atmospheric Consistometer Model 165AT
Description about the lab

subject "Drilling fluid and cement" includes the following experiments:

  • Determine density, viscosity, pH of drilling solution
  • Drilling fluid rheology test: viscosity, adhesion strength and yield limit
  • Experiment on wall forming properties, resistivity and drilling fluid filtration
  • Experiment on solid, liquid composition and drilling fluid emulsion properties
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