Geological Engineering Curriculum

Geological Engineering Curriculum (Total Credit Hours 148)

GE Curriculum151 3 

GE Curriculum151 4

The 50 credits of mathematics and basic sciences are as follows:

Mathematics 17 credits
MAT11301 Calculus I 3 credits
MAT11302 Calculus II 3 credits
MAT12203 Calculus III 2 credits
MAT12305 Differential Equations 3 credits
MAT12306 Probability & Statistics 2 credits
MAT12307 Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory 2 credits
MAT12308 Introduction to Partial Differential Equations 2 credits
Chemistry 7 credits
CHE11301 General Chemistry 1 3 credits
CHE11101LAB General Chemistry Lab 1 1 credit
CHE12302 General Chemistry 2 2 credits
CHE12302LAB General Chemistry Lab 2 1 credit
Physics 6 credits
PHY21301 General Physics I +( Lab) 3 credits
PHY21302 General Physics II (+ Lab) 3 credits
Geosciences 20 credits
GEO12302 Physical Geology 3 credits
GEO12233 General Geophysics 3 credits
GEO12303 Mineralogy (+Lab) 3 credits
GEO12405 Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology (+Lab) 4 credits
GEO12406 Structural Geology (+Lab) 4 credits
GEO12234 Sedimentology 3 credits
Total (mathematics and basic sciences) 50 credits

Engineering Topics

The GE Program at PVU requires 70 credit hours of Engineering Topics or 46% of the total hours, exceeding the ABET minimum of 47 credit hours. Courses in this category are divided into Basic Engineering which are required across multiple engineering disciplines, and Core courses or Geological Engineering courses which are specific to the discipline.

Basic Engineering 23 credits
ELE31201 Foundations in Engineering I + Lab 2 credits
INC31301 Foundations in Engineering II + Lab 3 credits
ELE33204 Fundamentals of Electromagnetic Field 2 credits
PET21201 Introduction to Oil and Gas Industry 2 credits
GEO11101 Career Orientation Field Trip 1 credit
MEC32301 Thermodynamics 3 credits
ELE32203 Electric Circuit Analysis (+Lab) 2 credits
SOS02206 Professional Skills for Engineers 2 credits
GEO12207 Geological Field Camp 2 credits
PET13244 Fundamentals of Reservoir Engineering 2 credits
PSE13201 Health Safety and Environment in Petroleum Industry 2 credits
Core courses 47 credits
GEO13311 Petroleum Geology 3 credits
GEO13213 Geophysical Exploration Methods 3 credits
GEO13214 Well logging 4 credits
GEO13215 Petroleum Seismology 4 credits
ECO13301 Petroleum Economics 3 credits
GEO13324 Seismic data processing and interpretation  4 credits
GEO14325 Petroleum Exploration Methods 2 credits
GEO14328 Applied Geophysics 4 credits
PET12404 Reservoir Petrophysics (+Lab) 4 credits
GEO14327 Geology and Resources in Vietnam 3 credits
GEO13117 Senior Project 1 1 credit
GEO14126 Senior Project 2 1 credit
GEO13123 Summer Internship 1 credit
GEO14231 Graduation internship 2 credits
GEO14832 Graduation thesis 8 credits
Total (Engineering Topics) 70 credits

Elective Courses

Elective courses 1  
SOC02207 General Vietnam Law 2 credits
MAT12204 Numerical Methods 2 credits
GEO12304 Fundamentals of Engineering Geology & Hydrogeology 2 credit
Elective courses 2,3  
GEO13220 Petroleum Reservoir Geology 2 credits
GEO13221 Fundamentals of GIS 2 credits
GEO13310 Petroleum Geochemistry 2 credits
GEO13222 Basin Modelling 2 credits
Elective courses 4  
GEO14229 Production Geology 2 credit
GEO14230 Environmental Geology 2      credits
Total (Elective Courses) 8 credits

General Education and Others

Geological Engineers have an obligation to practice their profession in a socially responsible manner and their education must prepare them for these responsibilities and make them aware of the constraints imposed by societal factors. Thus, the Geological Engineering curriculum requires the study of 13 courses totaling 23 credit hours of general education and others. The general education component of the curriculum consists of the following courses:

General Education and Others 23 credits
SOC01301 Philosophy of Marxism and Leninism 5 credits
SOC01202 Political economics of Marxism and Leninism 2 credits
SOC02203 Scientific socialism 2 credits
PED11101 Physical Education 1 0 credit
ENG41000 English preparation (120 hrs.*) 0 credit
ENG41301 English I 2 credits
SOC02205 History of Vietnamese communist party 3 credits
SOC01204 Ho Chi Minh's Ideology 2 credits
PED11102 Physical Education 2 0 credit
MIE01101 Military Education 0 credit
ENG42302 English II 3 credits
PED12103 Physical Education 3 (1*) 0 credits
ENG42303 English III 3 credits
ENG43304 English IV 3 credits