Fundamental Physics Laboratory

Fundamental Physics Laboratory

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Nguyen To Nga, MSc

Equipment list

The laboratory has sufficient equipment for experiments on Electromagnetic, Optics, and Mechanics, including:

v  Fundamental Physics Lab 1

-       Measuring lengths

-       Measuring volume and density

-       Archimède’s principle experiment

-       Moment of inertia

-       Hooke’s Law

-       Viscocity

v  Fundamental Physics Lab 2

-       Transformer

-       Magnetic field outside a straight conductor

-       Specific charge of the electron e/m

-       Polarisation by quarterwave plates

-       Newton’s rings

-       Fresnel’s mirror and biprism

-       External photoelectric effect of Planck’s Constant

More infos

The Fundamental Physics Laboratory is established with modern equipment contributing to the teaching quality at PVU. The experiments are designed to illustrate important insights in the lectures. In addition, conducting the experiments and reporting the results improve students’ practical working skills, team-working skills, and public speaking skills.