Applied Mechanics Laboratory


Applied Mechanics Laboratory

pendulum impact test

Pendulum impact testing machine

low temp bath

   Low temperature bath

tensil compress test

Tensile/compression testing machine

torsion test

Torsion testing machine

spark spectrometer

Spark Spectrometer

profile projector

Profile projector

Instructor Vo Quoc Thang, PhD
Equipment list

The Applied Mechanics Laboratory is equipped with:

-          Pendulum impact testing machine (Tinius Olsen-USA)

-          Low temperature bath (SP Scientific-USA)

-          Tensile/compression testing machine (Tinius Olsen-USA)

-          Torsion testing machine (Tecquipment-UK)

-          Spark Spectrometer (OBLF-Germany)

-          Profile projector (LTF-Italy)

More infos

The Applied Mechanics Laboratory was founded in 2013 with modern equipment imported from highly industrialized nations -G8. In 2016, the laboratory was approved VILAS standard by BoA - Bureau of Accreditation Vietnam.

-          Pendulum impact testing machine: It can be easily changed from a Charpy configuration to an Izod configuration. These testers are designed primarily for determining the impact resistance of metals and are designed to fully comply with the specifications outlined in ASTM E23, BS EN ISO 148-3 and BS EN ISO 148-2.

-          Low temperature bath: It is mechanically refrigerated with temperatures to -80C. The magnetic stirrer and vortex breaker design help ensure isothermal conditions in this bath throughout its temperature range.

-          Tensile/compression testing machine: It is designed for tension, compression, flexure and shear strength testing on materials and assemblies.

-          Torsion testing machine: Its frame is a rigid, precision-engineered alloy box-section, supported at each end by adjustable feet. It carries two main parts: a ‘strain head’ at one end and a torque reaction and measurement system at the other. The specimens fit between the strain head and the torque reaction and measurement system. The torque reaction and measurement system includes a torsion shaft supported by bearings. The shaft reacts on a strain-gauged load cell. A digital display shows the force measured by the load cell.  

-          Spark Spectrometer: It is a single matrix spark emission spectrometer for all standard applications. In order to guarantee independence from the external conditions surrounding the spectrometer, the detectors (photomultipliers) and the integration system are housed in the temperature-stabilised vacuum optics. The analytic capability covers the precise analysis of short-wave elements like carbon, phosphorous, sulphur and nitrogen in steel or cast iron and phosphorous in aluminium.

-          Profile projector: It is convenient for checking small and thin components to be placed directly on the glass stage of the worktable. It is mainly useful in the production of small metal ware, as well as plastic, rubber, electronic components and the alike. It allows carrying out direct two co-ordinates and angular measurements in addition to main geometric functions data processor. The device is complete with the optical sensor (edge finder) for on fly measurements with diascopic projection.